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Thank you for taking the time to scan our QR code.  We will be posting new conference specials and packages, only available for the 2022 Converge Conference attendees, so check back soon!  You can also find any updates regarding our products and services here, we encourage you to check in frequently.  Do not miss out on the next great deal, available to benefit your company as a OPT customer.

2022 Conference Special Pricing*

10% off Silver, Gold, and Platinum POP Plans.

* All OPT Products require the OPT Sync Interface. 

Normally $500 - Included with all POP Plans



OPT Web Services™


Account Receivable   \   Accounts Payable   \   Inventory   \   Job Management   \   Service & Inspections


No Installation Fee, No Licenses Fees, Unlimited Users

Monthly Maintenance Fee ($79.99) per database.  Does not include hosting fee if applicable.  SedonaSync is not required.

OPT Web Services

In conjunction with SedonaOffice, OPT has developed a plugin interface for SedonaOffice and SedonaWeb.  These interfaces will bring an unmatched level of versatility to these products.  In addition to these interfaces, OPT is offering a series of plugin modules that can enhance these products in various ways.  With a tight integration to our OPT Web Services and SedonaSync, we are able allow users and the other  SedonaOffice business partners to build integrated applications and tools for SedonaOffice  and SedonaWeb.  Some of the tools OPT has available is our email distribution system for SedonaSync, the OPT Web Services Dashboard portal, and additional custom development projects.

Service Reconciliation Module (SRM)

OPT has the solution to quickly and accurately compare each of your third-party vendor bills (such as; AlarmNet, SecureCom and or your central station data with your accounts in SedonaOffice!  We have expanded our Service Reconciliation Module (SRM) to ensure not only your accounts have been loaded appropriately but the associated customer recurring is profitable.  With SRM you can accurately identify issues and perform your reconciliations faster and easier than ever before.

Key Account Suites

Every company has them! Those larger accounts that require just a bit more attention. Our Key Account Suite addresses the needs of those customers, and helps you keep them as happy, long-term customers

OPT Sync Events:

Automating Customer Communications


Consistent customer communication is the cornerstone of any successful business but can often be difficult to achieve. Did you know just a little automation can save you time and money?


  • Reduce payment and collection efforts by emailing customers their invoices, statements, and collections letters.

  • Keep customers in the know about appointment details and provide opportunities to allow customers to cancel or reschedule a site visit before a truck is rolled out.

  • Provide a VIP customer experience by sending automated status reports and notifications for Jobs, Service and Inspections.

  • Allow customers self-service access to their service and inspections reports using our Timeline Module.

OPT Essentials

& OPT Web Services:

Dashboards for Everyone


Access Critical Data and Valuable Insights using Intuitive Dashboards and Interactive Modules. 


  • Access important key metrics with our new OPT Essentials Dashboards

  • Analyze critical data using OPT Web Services. 

  • Learn about custom reporting, robust dashboards, and how all the different OPT modules can extend the functionality of SedonaOffice. 

Check out how our CRM components, focusing on customer profitability, customers at risk, and task management can identify and allow you to resolve potential customer issues as early as possible. 

OPTWS Modules:

Services Reconciliation, Timeline, and Advanced Surveys

Learn how to take your OPT Web Services to the next level with these powerful add-ons. 


  • Protect your bottom line by avoiding costly mistakes by reconciling your 3rd party services with your SedonaOffice data. 

  • Identify missing RMR, unnecessary charges, and even issues that may prevent you from monitoring your customers correctly with our Services Reconciliation Module.

  • Provide your customers with an interactive timeline of their service and inspection call details. 

  • Customers can quickly confirm appointment details, retrieve uploaded documents, access invoices, take surveys and even communicate directly with your service department. 

  • See how these powerful add-ons can revolutionize your customer communication experience.

  • Send, and now track, customer net promoter surveys.  Surveys can be sent from jobs, service tickets, inspections, and now on demand as well! 

  • Track customer interaction and analyze results to determine key trends. 

  • Address poor survey responses and other customer issues using our Customers At Risk module to insure all issues are resolved.

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