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Our Story Started Here...

Originally started as a consulting firm in 2010, Oh Picture That, LLC provided security companies across the country with a necessary outside look at their business operations. After identifying and analyzing a need within the organization, Chris Edgar (a former SedonaOffice user) would provide consultation and assistance in utilizing the tools at the customer’s disposal to accommodate their needs. During the 2012 SedonaOffice Users Conference, Chris and I (also a former SedonaOffice user) sat down (over dinner and cocktails of course) and discussed some of the challenges faced by the industry and the custom solutions we had each created to solve those problems. It was immediately clear that if we joined forces we could provide creative and innovative solutions, to both common and complex problems faced by our customers. OPT Business Services, Inc was formed later that year. Read More

SedonaOffice Users Conference

Mike Sanders - Chris Edgar - Brad Swindell

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