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What the security industry is saying about OPT

Damar Security Systems

"Since we have started using OPT's products & services it has made processes quicker and more efficient within each department.  We have current and accurate metrics at our fingertips at all times and are able to customize metrics to our needs.  Regardless of our requests for events or metrics OPT has delivered above and beyond what we were expecting."

- Joanne Millman, Information Technology Specialist

Blue Waters



Formed in 2010, OPT has been helping companies across the country by providing solid solutions to the most common, challenging, and unique problems affecting their everyday business by utilizing KnowledgeSync to manipulate and gain control of their data.


OPT Business Services, Inc. has multiple solutions to assist your company in fully utilizing KnowledgeSync. These solutions will allow you to focus on managing and growing your business while raising your bottom line and customer satisfaction.


We offer a variety complete automation suites including billing, collections, service and many more.  Our goal is to save you time and money while increasing customer satisfaction!

We would love to talk with you about how we can streamline your business.  


Originally started as a consulting firm in 2010, Oh Picture That, LLC, provided security companies across the country with a necessary outside look at their business operations.  After identifying and analyzing a need within the organization, Christopher Edgar (a former SedonaOffice user) would provide consultation and assistance in utilizing the tools at the customer’s disposal to accommodate their needs. 


During the 2013 SedonaOffice Users Conference, Chris and Brad Swindell (also a former SedonaOffice user) sat down and discussed some of the challenges faced by the industry and the custom solutions each had created to solve those problems.  It was immediately clear that if they joined forces OPT could provide creative and innovative solutions, to both common and complex problems faced by our customers.  OPT Business Services, Inc was formed later that year. 

Below is a video about KnowledgeSync, a Business Activity Monitoring solution.  We have taken our vast knowledge of business processes and the security industry and created an extensive collection of in-depth, preconfigured KnowledgeSync notification and report workflows.  We also offer custom workflows based on our customers’ unique needs.



OPT Business Services, Inc.

2926 28th Avenue North

St. Petersburg, FL 33713

(727) 258-7229

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