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Upgrade OPT Essentials

Unlock the power of OPT Web Services by drilling down into Essentials data to identify the data behind the trends.

Leverage the power of the integrated SedonaOffice dashboards like the customer page and custom modules such as the Customers at Risk and Profit and Loss Modules.

Access several included dashboards for use in every department and allows you to add more as needed.​

Bronze includes access to 5 additional dashboards from our library.

Custom development services are also available.  OPT can build a custom dashboard to your specifications that takes advantage of our already integrated dashboard tools.

Most Popular

In addition to Bronze, our Gold Tier allows you to utilize your SedonaSync application to automatically email invoice and statements with collections letters to your customers saving time and money.

Gold includes our net promoter survey module which allows you to send a survey to customers that have recently have an installation, service visit or inspection and then use that data to make informed decisions.

Gold includes access to 20 additional dashboards, notifications, and reports from our library.

An SDK is also available for small fee if desired that can allow your own staff to develop your own items using our tools.

For our power users, Platinum allows you to unlock the full potential of your data.

Utilizing SedonaSync, OPT automatically determines conditions that could put your customers at risk and productivity take action.  Create workflows that reduce time consuming processes, and can help achieve better automation.

Included in Platinum is our Key Account Package which helps keep important customers informed about their accounts.

Platinum offers the deepest discounts on addon modules and custom  development while including access to 40 additional dashboards, notifications, reports and workflows from our library.

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