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 1109 - Statement Event (Choose from several formats)

 1130 - Statement Preview Event

 5115 - Action Pak for Event 1109

          Re-Age Customers

          Set Last Statement Date

          Email Queue Workflow

          Create SedonaOffice Notes


1109.9 - Customized PDF Invoice Format

PDF Requires a Crystal Reports 2013 License

Special Price: $995

($35 Monthly Maintenance Fee)

With PDF: $1995

($55 Monthly Maintenance Fee)

As part of our Email Invoicing Suite we continue to add options for you to choose from in regards to formatting your collection emails. All of the formats are completely customizable, and we will work with you in all aspects of this process before any of these events are going to customers! OPT Business Services, Inc. always wants to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with the end product. One option that is available offers you the choice of sending an email with cascading verbiage that is completely customizable. We also offer a BFIS format as well as a condensed format.

Please click on the link below to see one of the samples of the collection emails that we have available for you to choose from. Keep in mind, that we have several more that are available and can easily send a sample for you to see. Remember that Event - 1109 is also included in our special Billing Packages! Click on the link to check out the great deals we have available that include  Event - 1109.

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