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Chris Edgar

Chris has over 35 years of experience in the security industry. Starting as a central station operator in NY in 1988, and then quickly moving up to central station manager. He then spent 2 years running the new service center after analyzing and merging multiple service and dispatching centers together for Sonitrol/Sentry in the entire state of Florida, Chris then moved on to the IT side of the business when he began working in the IT department for Entergy Security in Raleigh, NC, when they merged with Sentry in FL, helping to build a state of the art monitoring center, and then duplicating that effort in San Antonio, TX. After several years it was time to move on to SAI in Arlington Heights IL, where he spent several years developing new receiver technologies, bulk alarm processing, as well as merging and streamlining acquired monitoring centers across the entire country. And it was back to NY at Worldwide Security for several years as Director of IT… but longing for that Florida sunshine again… OPT was just the next natural path after years of working in almost every aspect of our industry.

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