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Email Invoice Suite

Introductory SedonaSync email invoice package. PDF addon purchased separately.

Email Collections Suite

Collections event with cascading verbiage based on aging buckets and copy of the statement. PDF addon purchased separately.

Billing Suite

Get the best of both suites and create a complete billing solution for a great bundled price! Add PDF for unmatched flexibility. We work closely with you to customize the format to suit your needs.

Silver POP Plan

(Best Value)

Our Silver Plan comes with the entire billing suite in PDF and allows you to select up to 10 additional events to fully take advantage of SedonaSync.

Gold POP Plan

(Full Featured)

Gold includes 20 events and OPT Web Services to allow complete control over your billing processes.

HTML Invoicing

1118 - Invoice Events (Choose from several formats)

   5110 - Invoices in Print Queue to be Emailed.

   5115 - Action Pak for Event 1118 

            Remove Invoices from Print Queue

            Email Queue Workflow

            Create SedonaOffice Notes

   1134 - Invoices left in Print Queue

   1135 - Email Queue Log

HTML Collections

1109 - Statement Event (Choose from several formats)

   1130 - Statement Preview Event

   5115 - Action Pak for Event 1109

            Re-Age Customers

            Set Last Statement Date

            Email Queue Workflow

            Create SedonaOffice Notes


1118.9 - Customized PDF Invoice Format

1109.9 - Customized PDF Invoice Format

PDF Requires a Crystal Reports 2013 License

(Our Best Value)

Special Price: $1495

($55 Monthly Maintenance Fee)

With PDF: $2495

($75 Monthly Maintenance Fee)

Our email invoicing and collections suites will not only save you time and money, but are multifunctional solutions that will greatly benefit you and your customers! There are many settings and formats to choose from, all of which completely customizable.

These suites include extra events and reports to track your invoicing and collections progress. OPT has also added extended functionality to our events by using the SedonaSync Actions Module to communicate with SedonaOffice. This allows you to indicate that the invoice or statement has been emailed resulting in a cost savings verses the traditional method of printing and mailing. Both suites allow you to include an attached PDF version and/or additional attachments, such as a stuffer!

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