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OPT Business Services Advanced Commissions Management

Money with envelope representing sales rep commissions

Efficient commission tracking and reporting systems are essential for organizations seeking to optimize financial processes. In response to this need, OPT Business Services has developed the Commissions Tracking and Reporting System, a robust solution designed to seamlessly integrate with the SedonaOffice job commissions system. Here we will delve into the features, benefits, and customization options that make OPT's offering a game-changer in the realm of commission management.

Understanding the Commissions System: At its core, the Commissions System operates on the SedonaOffice Commissions Due 50/50 logic, offering a reliable framework for determining commission payouts to sales representatives. While maintaining the fundamental structure, OPT has enhanced the system with tailored adjustments, providing a more versatile experience.

Commissions Tracking via "50/50 Logic": The standard offering generates reports that can be disseminated to both sales representatives and sales managers. These reports encompass a detailed list of jobs with associated commissions, earned amounts based on customer payments, and a breakdown of payments already made to the sales rep. Notably, OPT has introduced enhancements such as the ability to track Install vs RMR commissions separately and incorporate Override Percentages for manual commission releases.

Features of the Commissions Reports:

Commissions Due Condensed Report

Commissions Due – Condensed:

Presents essential information with Install vs RMR breakouts. Displays up to 9 jobs per page for a concise overview.

Commissions Due Summary Report

Commissions Due – Summary:

Offers spaced-out information with clear labels. Supports up to three jobs per report for easy comprehension.

Commission Due Expanded Report

Commissions Due – Expanded:

Ideal for sales reps, providing a detailed breakdown of Install and RMR items.

Includes comprehensive information on every commission type for a single job per page.

Commissions Due – Sales Rep Dashboard:

OPT's Web Services product offers a real-time dashboard for sales reps enabling access to the "Commissions Bank Ledger" and "Commissions Due – Expanded" reports.

Ensures secure access limited to the individual sales rep.

Commissions Due Sales Rep Dashboard

Advanced Commissions Tracking via "Commissions Bank Account"

For organizations comfortable with advanced commission tracking, OPT offers an additional layer called the "Commissions Bank." This utilizes a dedicated GL holding account, allowing for commission draws, bonuses, offsets, and more, with detailed tracking of payments to reps.

Commissions Bank

Manual GL Transactions: Transactions within the Commissions Bank system can include:

  • Payroll Advanced (Commission Draw): Advancing money to reps based on future earnings.

  • Tenured Salary (Reverse Commissions Draw): Offsetting advanced amounts not requiring repayment.

  • Vacation Adjustments (Offset Adjustments): Positive or negative offsets for one-off cases.

  • Commissions Bonuses (Extra Earnings): Manually recorded bonuses affecting commission calculations.

  • Payroll Advanced (Commission Draw): Recording payments made to reps.

Commissions Bank Ledger: OPT provides a detailed report outlining transactions in the Commissions Bank account. This report includes commission draws, offsets, bonuses, and payments, presenting a comprehensive view of the sales rep's balance.

Commissions Bank Ledger

The Commissions System from OPT Business Services represents a significant leap forward in commission tracking and reporting. Whether utilizing the standard offering with 50/50 logic or opting for advanced tracking with the Commissions Bank, organizations gain unparalleled flexibility and control over their commission management.

Empower your sales teams, streamline financial processes, and enhance decision-making with OPT's innovative solution.

For more information on OPT Business Services and the Commissions System, visit

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