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1102 - CC or ACH Payments Posted

1110 - CC about to Expire Email

1111 - CC about to Expire Report

1122 - CC or ACH Information has been Changed
1125 - CC/ACH Payment Failure Notification
1126 - CC/ACH Payment Method Changed while Batch Pending
1140 - Go-AutoPay Letter to Customer to

           Switch to Autopay

 Additional Add-On


We have several Events that work as an Add-On to the Email Invoicing Suite in


  order to assist your company in becoming more efficient.


  • The entire CC/ACH Suite is a great addition to the Email Invoicing Suite.


  • We also suggest our Event 1137 - Go-Green Letter which makes it possible

    for you to send an email to customers that have not signed up for Email Invoicing!


  With our Complete Billing Packages, you have the option to include a mini statement in

  the email notification of every invoice to remind your customer of their open items.


  The combination of the Email Invoicing Suite with these events is guaranteed

  to save you time and money! 


  Ask about our OPT Web Services Invoice Web Link and Invoice Tracking.


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